Enjoy the best Bananas Foster Tableside experience with your special person

Our Bananas Foster tableside takes you back in time, to when desserts were magic. Created in the 50s, the dish became quickly everyone’s fantasy. The kids would brag about their family dinner and favorite dessert, for at least one week. Their stories would include a lavish dessert made from the best bananas and ice cream, and the biggest flames ever in a flambe pan.

At De’Medici we serve the best Bananas Foster, like in the 50s, tableside cooked:

The aroma of butter and brown sugar dissolved in a pan is the sign that your back-in-time trip starts. You would remember how happy you were as a kid when you knew dessert time was coming.  Now savor this experience with your significant other.

We peel and add bananas to the pan, and soften them in the sauce enhanced with some crème de banana. We stir everything under your joyful and impatient look.

“Almost ready”, we tell before we ignite the flames with some 151 rum. The magic begins for the excited kid inside you. You would wish the flames to stop, excited about the dessert, or you would like the spectacular flames to stay just a little bit longer!

When alcohol cooks out and the bananas reach the perfect consistency, we serve them with ice cream. We generously spoon warm sauce over and give you the most mesmerizing Bananas Foster.

Come down to De’Medici to relive the experience or to take this in for the first time.

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