The veal shank needs that classic Italian “dolce far niente” time to cook. Slowly and enjoying time going by, the veal transforms in the perfect and the best Osso Buco. You can have it in De’ Medici dining room on Fridays and Saturdays only.


Among the hearty stew-like dishes, the Italian Osso Buco ranks as a classic and we take proud of making it in the Italian old style.


The veal shank – the magic of the marrow and the wine
The secret in Osso Buco is the braising. Good braising makes the meat to fall apart tender and full of flavor. Before cooking, the shank is cut such that the marrow from the bone is exposed and melts into the pot and infuses the dish with even more flavor. Chianti wine and tomatoes come to balance that meat richness beautifully.


The risotto bed
Risoto is generally served as a first and independent course. But with Osso Buco, Italians make an exception. The arborio saffron rice, prepared ”al dente” and in a creamy mass, accompanies the main curse. It becomes the meat’s bed at plating time.
The final touch is in the gremolata (a mix of parsley, garlic and lemon peel) sprinkled over the dish and in the oven baked asparagus we served next to the best Osso Buco.

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